Masonry mesh

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Basalt-plastic masonry mesh (CBP-C)

Unique properties of CBP-C:

  • Low density (4-5 times lower than steel one).

  • Chemical resistance.

  • Low heat conductor.

  • Dielectric.

  • Incombustible material.

  • Non-corrosive material.

  • High specific strength.

  • Wide range of operating temperatures

Comparative analysis of metal and basalt meshes has revealed the following regularities:

  1. Basalt mesh has low thermal conductivity – 0.46W/m2 vs. this characteristic for metal is up to 40-60W/m2, that is 100 times higher. This means that metal mesh put into a wall acts as a cold bridge;

  2. Having the same diameter, basalt-plastic mesh is capable to resist to more stress when tensed, bent or pulled out from the wall;

  3. The widespread type of metal mesh (50*50*3 mm, 0.5*2 m) weights 2.04kg/m2 whereas the weight of basalt mesh is 320-360g/m2 (depending on the roving type and percentage of binder coating), is 4-5 times lighter;

  4. Basalt mesh is more resistant in aggressive media, alkaline(solution, concrete) in particular, and does not lose its strength. In fact, it has been developed for these purposes.

  5. Basalt mesh does not corrode as it does not contain metal;

  6. Basalt mesh has high freeze-thaw resistance (it withstands a large number of freeze-thaw cycles). That is why it is applied in the construction of roads, airdromes, hydraulic engineering structures which are particularly vulnerable to temperature fluctuations.

  7. 1 square meter of metal mesh costs about 120 rubles (with metal prices having been reduced due to the present economic situation). Basalt mesh costs 95-100 rubles per 1 square meter, i.e. it is 20-25% cheaper.

  8. Basalt mesh is more convenient in use. It is much lighter, delivered directly on site. It is usually 100, 200 cm wide, i.e. compact in size. When working with mesh, hands are not injured, mesh covers walls smoothly, it is cut into rolls of required width with tin snips, cutters, knives having increased hardness of the cutting surface. Mesh can be cut to rolls with length up to 75 m.

  9. Taking into account the comparative characteristics, tests have shown that it is possible to replace steel mesh with basalt one.

Thus, basalt impregnated mesh is a modern effective, relatively inexpensive, easy-to-use reinforcing product successfully applied in masonry and as ties in walls.

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