About company

“Arplastik” Company manufactures and sells fiberglass and composite reinforcement in accordance with GOST 31938-2012, fiberglass mesh (used in masonry, for reinforcing concrete industrial floors, roads etc.) Since 2012 Our company has been manufacturing and installing the equipment for producing composite reinforcement. Since 2014 we have mastered the production of the equipment for manufacturing composite mesh and flexible wall ties as well as any non-standard equipment at Customer’s request. Our products sales geography includes the whole territory of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

In 2011 our team launched manufacturing composite, fiberglass reinforcement, fiberglass mesh as well as equipment for producing these products and non-standard equipment. For 4 years we have been building up the production lines not only for our needs but also for our clients.

Standing at the origins of the composite industry development in Russia, we have acquired extensive experience in the production of high-quality composite reinforcement and composite mesh and have taken leading positions on Russian market.

Our production facilities make it possible to increase composite reinforcement and mesh production capacity within a short period of time and supply the Customer with nearly all range and volume of products.

The quality of Arplastik reinforcement satisfies the requirements of GOST 31938-2012 “Interstate standard. Fiber-reinforced polymer bar for concrete reinforcement” which is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity and Test Recording Sheet.

We are proud of the quality of our products. The quality of materials used for producing fiberglass reinforcement and fiberglass mesh as well as the products offered to Buyers has been thoroughly checked. The quality check is done at all stages of the manufacture process. Our equipment allow producing fiberglass reinforcement and mesh of almost any size. We can manufacture products in diameter more than 30 mm and fiberglass mesh with different mesh width and rod diameter, from 2 up to 6 mm.

To improve the quality and performance characteristics of fiberglass reinforcement, we commit production and financial resources to analyzing new blending formulas of compounding materials including nanotechnologies (nanotubes, nanodiamonds). Due to close cooperation with this structure, we contribute to developing the normative base and follow all the prospects of further composite reinforcement application.

We deliver our products all over Russia and to the countries of the near abroad.

Nowadays the following departments ensure effective work of the Company:

  • Production department
  • Wholesale department
  • Retail department
  • Supply department
  • Logistics and transport department
  • Accounting department

Highly qualified specialists will solve any tasks most effectively at your earliest convenience.

Any complex project is not a problem but a challenge that we will meet promptly.

To sum up, it may safely be said that cooperating with Arplastik Company means choosing an experienced and reliable business partner.